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Is Chartered Accountancy (CA) the Right Career Choice After 12th Class?

Selecting a career at the end of junior year is always a challenge to most learners due to the following reasons. The one such career option that has attracted a lot of people these days is the chartered accountancy or CA for short. The tutorial classes at CICA Institute include both online and offline classes to make every learners dream of becoming a chartered accountant come true. For this, let us take a closer look at the CA course, its advantages, disadvantages, and if at all, it will suit you.

Understanding Chartered Accountancy

CAs are professionals in the specializations of accounting, audit, tax and financial as well. They perform an important function of methodology of management of the financial condition of organizations, having provided their financial reports’ reliability, conformity to the existing legislation requirements, existence of a financial plan.

The Path to Becoming a CA

To become a CA in India one has to register oneself to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and successfully pass the CA course. The CA course is divided into three levels:The CA course is divided into three levels:

  1. CA Foundation
  2. CA Intermediate
  3. CA Final

CA Foundation

CA Foundation is easier and the first level examination for the students who have passed their 12th standard. It consists of four papers:It consists of four papers:

  1. It is a subject that deals with the broad principles and practice of accounting.
  2. Business laws And Business Correspondence and Business Reporting
  3. First, Business Mathematics, Second, Logical Reasoning and last, Statistics.
  4. Business Economics as a discipline and Business and Commercial Knowledge as a field of study

CA Intermediate

After clearing the CA Foundation, students can register for the CA Intermediate class. This level consists of two groups, each comprising four papers:This level consists of two groups, each comprising four papers:

Group I:

  1. Accounting
  2. Corporate and Other Laws
  3. Cost and Management Accounting
  4. Taxation

Group II:

  1. Advanced Accounting
  2. Auditing and Assurance
  3. Enterprise Information Systems and Strategic Management
  4. HM: 203 Financial Management for Finance HE: 214 Economics for Finance

CA Final

CA Final is the last step in the CA curriculum or the final level in the CA course. It also consists of two groups, each with four papers:It also consists of two groups, each with four papers:

Group I:

  1. Financial Reporting
  2. Strategic Financial Management
  3. Advanced Auditing & Professional Ethics
  4. Corporate and Economic Laws

Group II:

  1. The primary cost drivers of the two business segments are as follow; Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation
  2. Elective Paper (choices; Risk Management, Financial Services and Capital Markets, International Taxation, and so on.)
  3. Luxembourg Relations with European Union and International Taxation
  4. Indirect Tax Laws


Apart from these exams, CA students are supposed to serve a three-years practical training that is referred as articleship. Practical trainings are important as they help train the practical skills among the professional which assists in handling the job responsibilities.

Benefits of Pursuing a CA Career

Here are a number of advantages of choosing a CA career; therefore, any student who has completed their 12th grade should consider it.

1. Prestigious and Respected Profession

Chartered Accountants are well honored practitioners in the sphere of finance and business. The severe training and consequently the strict examination guarantee that only the best candidates obtain the CA designation, which also contributes to the name’s authority.

2. High Demand and Job Security

Currently, employment opportunities for the candidates specializing in CAs are abundant not only in India but also on the global level. In the present world, all types of organizations, whether big or small or of any specialized field, seek the services of CAs in handling of their financial responsibilities. This high demand leads to good job security besides being a promising career in respect to job availability.

3. Lucrative Salary Packages

Specifically, chartered accountants are categorised among some of the highest paid workers in the finance industry. CA’s functioning in the capacity makes them proficient and knowledgeable position holders, who can earn a handsome amount of salaries and thus having a luxurious life.

4. Diverse Career Opportunities

The CA qualification is a ticket to a plethora of functions and occupations. CAs are also employed in different industries such as public accounting practice, corporate, and government, banks, investment banks, consulting firms, and companies and can also choose to be self-employed. The benefit of the CA qualification is that options make it possible for the individuals to consider various areas of practice depending on what they want to achieve.

5. Global Recognition

CA qualification is accredited throughout the world, thus the CAs can practice in a foreign country and can find job opportunities in the other countries. Currently, ICAI has mutual recognition agreements with many countries that enable the movement of the Indian CAs from one country to another.

6. Continuous Learning and Growth

The fact is that the field of finance and accounting is rather progressive and changes all the time. This means that as a CA, you will need to perform the professional statutory duty of updating oneself on any current events, policies, and changes, and the business environment. This results in the opportunity for continuous learning which can be rightly said to make you relevant and competent in your lifetime.

Challenges of Pursuing a CA Career

Nevertheless, the various advantages that come with CA employment should be matched with the awareness of the challenges in that career path.

1. Rigorous and Demanding Course

CA course is quite popular but at the same time, it is recognized as highly challenging and demanding. Major challenges posed by the lengthy and detailed syllabi, availability of multiple levels of tests and practical training are time, energy, and patience.

2. High Level of Competition

Competition in CA exams is considerably high, and the pass percentage usually remains quite low. Due to the high competitiveness of the programs, the students are demanded to get high results on their exams to move to the next level. Aspires, goals, and objectives must be kept clear, educating oneself and remaining attentive, determined, and committed at all times.

3. Balancing Studies and Articleship

The availability of time between the articleship training and the studies is one of the significant issues that CA students experience. The articleship period entails working full time while at the same time preparing for the student’s exams. Proper time planning and responsibilities of each task are the key factors that help to manage working and studying balance.

4. Stress and Pressure

The measure of difficulty of the CA course is high and it tends to the increased pressure and stress. This constant pressure to show results, excel in our tests, perform at work can at times be very stressful. The students need to embrace healthy practices and work on ways of reducing their stress at the workplace.

Is CA the Right Career Choice for You?

It is rather unwise to become a Chartered Accountant, and that is why such a decision must be made after proper consultations. Here are some factors to help you determine if CA is the right career choice for you

1. Interest and Aptitude

Therefore, to become a specialist in this line, there is a need to have passion in accounting finance and business Johansen, (2009). Evaluate your ability in doing numeracy, logic, and analysis. This position specifically entails interactive work with financial data, trend analysis, strategy development and implementation which can make for a good career at CA.

2. Long-Term Commitment

CA course is a long term one and the person needs to devote lot of time and effort towards it. The CA course requires commitment, more hard work, time and one must be able to deal with the challenges.

3. Career Goals and Aspirations

Think about your wishes and hopes for the future then. The CA qualification is highly beneficial if you want to have a career in finance and accounting sector, if you want to be leaders, or if you want to become an entrepreneur. Determine whether the CA qualification fits your vision of the longer-term professional goals.

4. Financial Considerations

Hence, although the CA course provides an opportunity to earn good income, the preliminary financial commitment needs to be taken into consideration. This may apply especially with regards to fees in tuition, materials to study and the fees to take examinations. As the process of selecting a university is a serious step, you have to assess all pros and cons of the decision and define if you are ready to make a worthy investment in your education.

5. Support System

Family support is very important when one is pursuing a CA course. Evaluate the availability of peer support, relatives, and counselors’ assistance. Maintain relationships with people you can easily go to for help, advice or motivation especially during the most challenging times.

Why Choose CICA Institute for Your CA Journey?

CICA Institute realizes the difficulties and pressures of the CA course like no other institution. We offer detailed online and offline classes that prepares students with all what they need for their study in CA. Here are some reasons why CICA Institute is the ideal choice for aspiring CAs

1. Experienced Faculty

We have competent and highly skilled faculty members who possess overall experience of various specialists in the employment market. They are very elaborate in proffering explanation, skills appreciation and individual assistance to the student in making him/her excel in his/her examinations.

2. Comprehensive Study Material

We offer very extensive study content that will help the CA prepare for all the exams. Produced course and follow-up home-study materials are presented as over-simplified as possible, with many illustrations and step by step examples to support theoretical material. We also provide or frequently update information on faculty changes in the CA curriculum to ensure students are informed.

3. Flexible Learning Options

In this regard we teach both online and offline classes to ensure that all the students are well catered for. The flexibility of making classes online also allows the candidate as well as the students to attend the class from any corner of the world at their own convenient while our offline classes provide with the feel of being into a class, coming to structure with proper interaction between the trainers and the students. Select the learning mode according to one’s preferred style and the available time.

4. Mock Tests and Assessments

In order to assist the students with their preparation of examinations, formative assessments and mock examinations are carried out on a consistent basis. These tests imitate the proper exam conditions and give practical recommendations on results. The comprehensive analyses part of our work shows students where they went wrong and assist them to develop good approaches toward examinations.

5. Practical Training Support

We comprehend more about the practical lessons in the course of CA. We also provide workshops, seminars, and industry interface to develop practical and expose them to the live environment.


Entering into the Chartered Accountancy course at the end of the 12th grade is one of the important decisions of the future. Indeed, the CA profession has a lot to offer such as prestige, demand, remunerations whereby CA salary packages are quite appealing, and job market plurality. But like any other, it has its sets of problem that a person who decides to pursue a job as a caregiver has to devote time to what he or she is doing and manage time properly.

Accounting and finance careers can prove to be very fulfilling if you have a genuine interest in them, which you are ready and willing to put into the CA course. At CICA Institute, we ensure you get the highest quality of education, learning support and advisory to enable you to achieve your CA dreams. Whether you are a believer in online or offline classes, the highly-qualified staff, the profound material, and the individual approach to each student will guarantee your success on exams and in further career.

Start your journey to a booming CA career with the CICA Institute and be on the right path towards knowledge and success.

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