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Passing the ACCA can vary in difficulty depending on several factors such as your background knowledge, study habits, the level of preparation, dedication and the specific exams you’re taking. ACCA exams are renowned for being challenging due to their comprehensive coverage of accounting and finance topics. Generally, the exams are designed to be challenging to ensure that those who pass have a strong understanding of accounting and finance principles. They require a deep understanding of the subject matter, strong analytical skills, and the ability to apply theoretical knowledge to real world scenarios.

The difficulty level of ACCA exams also varies across different papers and levels within the qualification (Applied Knowledge, Applied Skills, Strategic Professionals). The exam covers a wide range of topics including financial accounting, management accounting, taxation, auditing and more. To increase your chances of passing ACCA exams, it’s essential to dedicate sufficient time to study, utilize quality study materials, practise past exam questions, and seek support from tutors or study groups if needed and perhaps enrolling in preparatory courses, many individuals successfully pass the exam each year.

It’s important to allocate enough time for preparation and to approach each exam with a focused and strategic mindset.  Additionally, staying updated with changes in accounting standards and regulations is crucial for success in ACCA exams. Overall, while ACCA exams are challenging, with diligent preparation and determination, passing them is achievable for motivated candidates.

To passing the ACCA exams is to seek out additional support and resources to enhance your preparation, to join study group or utilize online forums and communities dedicated to ACCA exam preparation. These platforms provide opportunities for students to collaborate, share resources, discuss challenging topics and ask questions to clarify doubts. Here are some steps in detail that you can take:

  • Form Study Groups: Think about joining or making study groups with other ACCA students. Working with others can give you good tips, make things clearer, and keep you focused on your studies.
  • Online Help: Use online sites and tools made for ACCA exam prep. There are lots of websites, forums, and online groups where you can find study stuff, talk about exam topics, and get advice from those who have done it before and teachers.
  • Private Tutors: If some topics are hard or if you like one-on-one help, you might want to get a tutor or sign up for tutoring. Tutors can give you help just for you, solve your learning problems, and show you how to deal with tough topics.
  • Practice Tests: Use practice tests and questions to feel like you’re in the exam and see how ready you are. Many study places for ACCA have mock exams that look and feel like the real thing, helping you see what you need to work on and get better at taking exams.
  • Review Classes: Think about taking review classes from ACCA-approved places. These classes are made to push key points, clear up confusion, and make sure you understand what you need for the exam. They usually have deep dive sessions and tips focused on the exam to help you do your best.
  • Plan Your Time: Get good at planning your time to give each exam topic enough study time. Make a plan that fits in your study, work, and fun stuff, making sure you go over everything you need before the exam day.
  • Keep Updated: Make sure you know about any changes to the ACCA course, exam style, or study helps. Often look at the ACCA site and official messages for news and updates to make sure you’re studying the right stuff.


In conclusion, passing the ACCA exams requires dedication, thorough preparation, and utilization of various resources such as study groups, online platforms, tutors, practice tests, review classes, and effective time management. While the exams are challenging, with diligent effort and the right support, success is achievable. It’s essential to stay updated with changes in the syllabus and exam format and approach each exam with a focused mindset. By taking advantage of available resources and staying committed to your study plan, you can increase your chances of passing the ACCA exams and advancing in your accounting career.


Q.1.What makes ACCA exams hard to pass?
Ans. Things like what you already know, how you study, how much you prepare, how committed you are, and which exams you take can make ACCA exams hard to pass.

Q.2 Why are ACCA exams known to be tough?
Ans. ACCA exams are known to be tough because they cover a lot about accounting and finance in detail. They make sure that those who pass really understand the key points of accounting and finance.

Q.3 How can one better their chances of passing ACCA exams?
Ans. To better your chances of passing ACCA exams, study a lot, use good study materials, do old exam questions, get help from tutors or study with a group, and keep updated with any new rules or changes in accounting.

Q.4 What help is out there for getting ready for ACCA exams?
Ans. For getting ready for ACCA exams, there are study groups, websites, tutors, mock exams, review classes, and ACCA-approved courses.

Q.5 Why to go into each ACCA exam with a clear head?
Ans. Going into each ACCA exam with a clear head is key to fully focus, understand, and remember what you’ve learned. It also helps handle the stress and worry that come with exams.

Q.6 How can one make sure they are studying the right stuff for ACCA exams?
Ans. To make sure you’re studying the right stuff for ACCA exams, keep an eye on updates about the syllabus, how exams are given, and study aids. Regular checks on the ACCA site for news help too.

Q.7 What’s good about being in study groups or using online forums for ACCA exam prep?
Ans. Being in study groups or using online forums for ACCA exam prep lets you work together, share resources, talk about hard topics, and clear up any confusion. It also keeps you motivated and focused on your study goals.

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